Vegetable donation to 'Crisis at Christmas'

Date Added: 30/01/2017

In December 2016, TH Clements kindly donated vegetables to the charity Crisis over the Christmas period. Our donation contributed into helping over 4,500 Crisis centre guests take their first steps out of homelessness. 

TH Clements continues to donate vegetables to 'Crisis at Christmas' to support them to open their doors for 8 days over Christmas in 11 centres across London and other major cities. This donation meant that Crisis could offer homeless people a safe and warm environment with food, companionship and access to vital services such as healthcare, dentists and opticians. 
Most importantly they were also able to offer essential advice on housing and employment to support their journey out of homelessness in the year ahead. 

For anyone sleeping on the streets, life can be lonely, cold and miserable, with many finding it a struggle to survive from day to day. However, supporting charity campaigns such as 'Crisis at Christmas' can help with support and encouragement to people who require their year round services. 

TH Clements try and make a difference towards ending homelessness with our Christmas vegetable donation to Crisis. 

See link for more information on 'Crisis at Christmas' 

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