Lee Vacey

Lee Vacey

Factory Manager


I joined the team at TH Clements as Factory Manager in March 2018. I've worked in Manufacturing for around 20 years and have gained experience in the Meat industry and Confectionery.


Away from work, I'm a massive Football fan and have ran teams within local leagues for over 12 years. Now I'm retired from football mamangement, I'm still actively involved with running of a football club. 
Also I love live music and socialising with friends. 





Favourite Meal - Thai food - especially any dishes with Prawns!

Book, TV or Film - Book - Sir Alex Ferguson - My Autobiography, TV - Real life documentaries especially programmes like 'How it's made' and 'Inside the Factory' (Sad i know!!!) and Film - Castaway. 

Favourite Band/Singer -  I like most types of music.  My go to Jukebox song is Rick Astley's - Never gonna give you up. He performed the song live at a Charity event I attended, he's a great performer! 

Holiday Destination - Maldives

First Job -  Warehouse order picker

Favourite Sport - Football

First Car - Ford Fiesta

Favourite Quote - 'Pain is just weakness leaving the body'

Interesting fact about me - I once met Sir Alex Ferguson, I was most surprised he had never heard of me!